The Author

Hello. My name is Blaine, and Parvifolium is my workbench, sandbox, and notebook. I'm a researcher, data analyst, full-stack web developer, and role-playing game enthusiast.

The Code

This site is built with Laravel. Fancier bits, like the Whitehack character generator, are written in JavaScript or TypeScript, with reactivity provided by Vue.js. All style is hand-written in SCSS. Many icons come from Font Awesome, but some (like the favicon) are hand-made in Inkscape or GIMP.

The Name

Parvifolium is the name of a number of plant species, including the red huckleberry (Vaccinium parvifolium) which is common in the Pacific Northwest. The name is derived from Latin parvus, meaning small, and folium, meaning leaf.

Folium can also refer to the leaf of a book. In that sense, a small leaf is a bite-sized amount of reading. That will have to do, as to my knowledge there is no Latin word for blog.