RuneLite Screenshot Level Scanner

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A quick utility that scans RuneLite for level-up screenshots and populates a chart of levels over time.

If you've always used an XP tracker like TempleOSRS or Wise Old Man, then you probably don't need a tool for this. But if you don't, and you do use RuneLite, you can still take a look back at your progress over time!

By default, RuneLite takes screenshots of most level-ups. This tool scans selected file names for skill names and levels, and file metadata for date and time. None of the screenshots are uploaded, and no information is saved. You can find your screenshot folder by right-clicking the screenshot icon in RuneLite:


How To Use

  1. Select all your level-up screenshots
  2. Click "Done"
  3. Click the legends of individual skills to hide and unhide them


Fun Stuff

You can see those satisfying jumps from completing early quests. Waterfall Quest is a clear standout:


It's obvious I was a F2P noob as a kid; it took me a long time to figure out farming and construction: